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Incut Pack

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Pack of 70 incut holds, best for setting easy routes on vertical parts and slabs. Great for begginners and school. There is no "mondo jugs" in that Pack, but a bunch of small and medium positive holds like "mini-jugs".

Made with the following sets:

- Arjuna : 10 small crimps, can be used as footholds
- Sikkim : 10 small incut crimps
- Niyama : 10 great crimps and pinches
- Agra : 10 mini-jugs
- Maya : 10 mini-jugs
- Tapti : 10 mini-jugs
- Ravana : 10 pinches, small to large

Samsara holds are made with resistant and long life rough surface. Finishing is at a very high level.

By default we set a mix of colour for each set (depending on actual stock). It's also possible to get only one colour for the whole Pack. Or if you want you can set a specific colour on each set, please tell us by writing a comment during checkout process.
Colours available in stock: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white, dark purple.

Data sheet

Number of holds70
Weight (kg)15.0
MaterialPolyester (PE)
TextureFull Tex
SizeMix of size
Made inSlovenia
Profileslab / vertical / overhang
FixingCaphead bolt
Size of bolt needed(x37) 40mm - (x32) 50mm - (x1) 60mm

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Type & Size of bolts

PDF file with the list of all holds. It gives you the type, size, and quantity of bolt needed for each set of climbing hold. By default, bolts are not included with holds (except clear indication of the opposite).

Download (1.24M)

Colours and Brands

It gives you RAL colours used by each brand. Even if the same colour is used by different brands, the shade can slightly change, depending ofmix and material used, quantity of pigment, and also the rough surface of climbing holds. Fluo pigments are not UV stable and must not be used outside.

Download (476.04k)


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Incut Pack

Incut Pack

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