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Alphabet set, 27 letters (26 + "ç"), size M to L, polyurethane.

Good Points :

- PU holds, no risk of fall from height of broken holds on children heads
- Width holds regarding other Alphabet sets of competitors, easy shapes for children with lot of mini jugs in this set.

Data sheet

Number of holds27
MaterialPolyurethane (PU)
Weight (kg)6.8
StyleArtistic Design
Made inSpain
Profileslab / vertical / overhang
FixingCaphead or Countersunk bolt
Size of bolt needed(x1) 50mm - (x25) 60mm - (x1) 70mm

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Type & Size of bolts

PDF file with the list of all holds. It gives you the type, size, and quantity of bolt needed for each set of climbing hold. By default, bolts are not included with holds (except clear indication of the opposite).

Download (1.03M)

Colours and Brands

It gives you RAL colours used by each brand. Even if the same colour is used by different brands, the shade can slightly change, depending ofmix and material used, quantity of pigment, and also the rough surface of climbing holds. Fluo pigments are not UV stable and must not be used outside.

Download (234.86k)


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